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Fiara, a war-torn land in the middle of Eo, was the biggest continent in the world of SpellForce before the Convocation.

In its aftermath, Fiara was split into numerous islands surrounding the Godstones, the power of which protected it from complete eradication.


Fiara is vast in size. It's split in half by two mountain ranges that span from its northern shores into its middle, Windwall and Grimwarg.

Three seas surround the continent, the White Sea to the North and The Timeless Sea and the Sea of Dreams to the West and East respectively.

North of Fiara

The North of Fiara is divided into four major regions: Nortander, which takes up the West, Godemark and its mountains to the East, the Darklands located between them, and Grak, an icy region in the far North-east. Apart from the mountain tops, the climate in the region is continental, with the exception of Gark which has regions covered in snow and ice all year long.

Just south of the Darklands is the Gate of Kings, a barren pathway between the mountain ranges connecting the North and South of the continent.

South of Fiara

The South of Fiara is separated into 3 central regions: The Highmark in the North-west, Lar in the North-east, and the big forest of Finon Mir in the South. The climate in this region is continental, the same as major parts of the North.

Fiara was torn to pieces after the Convocation and many parts of it sank into the sea, making it a series of islands during the events of SpellForce 1 and SpellForce 2.


Fiara is inhabited by all of the six major races on Eo, as well as creatures such as Demons and the Undead, however not all of the races are represented in equal measure.


Humans are without a doubt the predominant race on Fiara, which is backed up by the amount of land they inhabit. They can be found in almost all parts of the continent, but are mostly centered around Nortander and the Highmark with the cities Greyfell and Sevenkeeps as central points for their respective regions.


The Elves inhabit the far North and South of Fiara as well as the far East, although the majority of them are located in the forest Finon Mir in the south. The Elves inhabiting the city Tirganach are known as Ice Elves due to the pact they made with the ice dragon Aryn.


Dwarves can be found in the two mountain ranges separating Fiara, in the cities Windholme and Fastholme as well as Underhall, a mining city located in the Highmark.


Orcs can rarely be found inhabiting a region in large numbers, but such cases can be found in the Darklands, as well as The Needle, Gate Of Swords and the region Grak.

Dark Elves

The race of Dark Elves inhabit the region Lar, with Shal being their capital.

The Dark Elves also inhabited the city Tirganach before it was taken over by the Ice Elves.


Trolls don't have any large settlements of their own, however, they can be found scattered across all of Fiara.

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