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Winterlight Peak, an old dwarven fortress and mine, is located far to the North-West of Fiara, where the mighty Windwall Mountains meet the White Sea.

Despite its unwelcoming and hostile environment, the modest settlement has always held an important place in dwarven hearts. But it's not only them who seek its safety and warmth, for the surrounding beasts and barbarians have set their sights on conquering it for themselves, constantly barging against the tall walls of the fortress with magic and steel, trying to break down its gates.

Nevertheless, even in the times when control slipped out the hands of the dwarves, it didn't take long for their iron hearts to reconquer it and for their songs to once again echo through the fort's halls.

Notable Individuals

Notable Historic Events

  • Post 1000 B.C.: Ankbrand is built by the first humans.
  • 24 A.C.: The Ice witch Ashuka takes over the fortress for a brief duration, only for the dwarves to reconquer it with the help of the Guardian.
  • 24 A.C.: Wind defeats the Wind of the West while searching for the story of her origin

Beasts and Barbarians of the Windwall, preparing to attack