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When the demons first started emerging from beneath Barga Gor, the Guardians took notice and destroyed the mountain, hoping to seal them away. But while it halted the demons' advance, it did not stop their craving for flesh. From beneath the rubble - a place known as the Rift - they once again yearn for blood and strike fear into the bones of all beings on Eo.

While the Rift isn't the only place where demons can be found, it is likely the largest one, which is what prompted the Circle Mages to establish Mulandir right above it, and it has ever since attracted curious researchers and mages to its depths, hoping to discover a fraction of the demons' power - blind to the madness it brings with it.

Notable Individuals

  • Talia Storm: Powerful human mage in possession of the shard of Winter Silence
  • Ulather (deceased): Demon lord

Notable Historic Events

  • Unknown: Udwin and his following explore the depths of the Demonic realm, perishing in the process
  • 8 A.C.: The Phoenix bearer frees Talia Storm from Ulather's grasp and kills him

Ulather waiting inside his domain