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To this day, it is unknown how the Iron Fields got their name, but few besides historians care for its origin, for another event happened here almost a millennia ago that would heavily shape the future of all of Eo. The Iron Fields is where Janus Malacay, a powerful necromancer and royal advisor to many Hybernian Kings, was struck down by the Guardians for breaking the rules of Aonir - and with his dying breath, he created the Shaikan.

For the longest part of their past, the Shaikan resided here atop a hill in the fortress Shaikur, together with the dragon Ur, but war, intrigues, and the death of their patriarch have driven them out from their home and forced them to seek a new one, leaving their castle, thought by many to be nigh impenetrable, desolate and cold, with only the voices of the past stuck between its crumbling walls.

Notable Individuals

  • Soul Carrier: Shaikan carrying the cursed soul of Malacay inside him
  • Bor (deceased): Brother of the Soul Carrier
  • Lya (deceased): Sister of the Soul Carrier
  • Ur (deceased): Dragon and patriarch of the Shaikan
  • Golgalath (deceased): Dragon turned demon, summoned by Sorvina to defeat Ur

Notable Historic Events

  • 850 B.C.: Janus Malacay creates the Shaikan
  • Unknown: Shaikur is built
  • 19 A.C.: The Soul Carrier rescues Nightsong by turning her into a Shaikan
  • 19 A.C.: Forces of the Pact attack Shaikur and abduct Ur
  • 19 A.C.: Shaikur is liberated by the forces of The Realm, however, most of its inhabitants have been killed and the fortress is subsequently taken over by the forces of King Ulf.

Pact siege of Shaikur
Ur fighting Golgalath