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After the Circle was founded following the Mage Wars, it needed a place to operate from. To keep its ground neutral, it was decided that a new city shall be built for that purpose. Soon after, the Circle Mage Isgrimm started constructing what would become one of the most splendid cities on Eo - Mulandir.

Its location was chosen deliberately atop the remains of the mountain Barga Gor, for the caverns below it housed portals to the underworld, the realm of the Demons. The city quickly became a hub for mages, for demonology was, at the time, a rather unexplored branch of magic, and any fairly competent mage wanting to dabble with it could do so here.

But not even Mulandir could escape the destruction and consequences of the Convocation. It became a battlefield for [[|Hokan Ashir|Hokan's]] undead hordes and Uram's demons who subsequently tore it apart and left it a cold and deadly place.

The only part of Mulandir still intact is the former city center, now located in the northern parts of the land, which lured many adventurers who hoped to retrieve the Circle's riches. Alas, most met their end trying to navigate the death trap the city has become.

Notable Individuals

  • The Circle Mages (deceased): A powerful, autonomous, organization tasked with controlling the misuse of magic on Eo
  • Mechlan (deceased): former servant of the circle, blinded and obsessed with the four time shards - a magical artwork of the Shapers
  • Plexor Mim Thar (deceased): A Dark Elf and enemy of Rigour Mortis and his guild.

Notable Historic Events

  • 518-500. B.C.: Mulandir is built by the Circle Mage Isgrimm the Smith
  • 50 - 0 B.C.: The City is destroyed during the Convocation War
  • 8 A.C.: The Phoenix Bearer searches the city for the Phoenix Stone - a magical artifact with the Phoenix, a being made of pure Archfire, trapped inside it.

Demons infested ruins of Mulandir