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At all times, Mages have brought about unrest in the world with their thirst for knowledge and power. The Circle was founded by an agreement of all nations to put an end to the intrigues of the magicians. The thirteen most powerful Mages of the nations, adherents of both light and darkness, joined the Circle. They selected the city of Mulandir, built by one of its members, Isgrimm, as their seat, independent of all governments.

For long, the Mages of the Circle discharged their tasks with earnestness, establishing an era of peace and justice. They deciphered the secret of the Allfire, which extended their lives and gave them power far beyond any known sorcery. For hundreds of years, they would guide the destiny of the realms from the shadows. However, such power comes at a price, and their minds would soon begin scheming once more, bringing peace to an end and casting Eo into disarray.

Darius Servil

The Circle was an organisation comprised of the 13 most powerful mages on Eo, established in unison by all major races following the Mage Wars with the task of preventing the misuse of magic. The group was formed around the year 518 B.C., and originally comprised only 11 members who operated independently of all world governments and rulers.

Founding of the Circle

The Circle was established following the Mage Wars, a series of mage uprisings taking place across Eo. For long, power-hungry mages were known to cast kingdoms and empires into disarray, to prevent this, the major races of Eo came together to establish an organisation that would keep such mages in check. They named this organisation "the Circle", and it was comprised of the best and most highly renowned mages on Eo, all having done remarkable feats in the field of magic. The Circle was thus respected by both the light and dark races, and it held a very high level of authority.

They established the city of Mulandir as their seat of power, built by their member Isgrimm, the Smith, and free of all jurisdiction. They built it atop a massive rift on the remains of Barga Gor as it was one of the prime spots on Eo to study Demons and Demonology - an uncharted school of magic at the time. This made Mulandir a popular place for many scholars and apprentices to reside in, turning it into the centre of knowledge and magical research.

Discovering the Allfire

At first, the Circle upheld the values that brought them together. They conducted research, quelled uprisings, and a golden age began. However, not long after, while exploring ancient Shaper ruins on Xu, the Circle discovered the Allfire - the source of all magic. Over years, they began gaining mastery over it, and as they did, the corruption inside them grew stronger.

Through the Allfire, they prolonged their lives and increased their power, but this came at a cost, as the Allfire demanded them to strive for more, regardless of the cost. In the beginning, the Circle was still determined to guard this power, keep it from the hands of others, for they knew what dangers it posed, but over the centuries, it caused animosity to develop between them that would eventually turn into hate, and ultimately result in all out war.

"The Archfire is the heart of all magic. But just like the sun shines too brightly to focus on it directly, the Archfire is something whose true essence is our ruin. This fruit is not meant for us, as we are no gods. Only Aonir's power could tame the wrath of our world, and we would be foolish to think otherwise.

But when you walk the paths of magic, you will hear the call of the Archfire sooner or later. It is not so difficult to conjure it, almost as if it wanted to be found. In the beginning, it is painful, very slowly the body needs to get used to the touch of the Archfire. But once this consecration is completed, everything else is easy. However, its power only creates the longing for more power. When one day you notice that even the death of friends seems a small price to quench this longing, it is far too late..."

Rohen Tahir

Prophecy of the Convocation

Early into its life, the Circle came to uncover an ancient prophecy telling of the Convocation, hidden insider Shaper ruins on Xu, much like they did the Allfire. Whether they discovered both at the same time is unknown, but we do know that they spent most of their existence studying these texts in secret, gradually coming up with plans to obtain godlike power, not knowing that the prophecies were left behind as a trap by the Renegades before their banishment from this world.

The Circle originally studied these texts together, yet as they grew further apart, each member began plotting to obtain the godlike powers it foretold on its own. When hostilities grew, the members of the Circle began engaging in open conflict with one another, eventually resulting in what would become known as the Convocation Wars.

Downfall of the Circle

It could be argued that the decline of the Circle's values already began before the year 400 B.C. with the inclusion of Hokan Ashir into their ranks. Unlike the original 11 members and the Piper who joined after, Hokan wasn't accepted into the Circle to monitor the misuse of magic, but instead so the Circle could keep an eye on the young Zerbite.

However, with his inclusion, Hokan gained access to knowledge previously outside his reach as he began to scheme ever greater evils to unleash upon Eo.

"Do not think the Circle has always been corrupt. At first we only wanted to protect and preserve the knowledge of the Archfire. But I do remember that when we still believed in the rightfulness of our cause, someone in our midst was already corrupted.

Hokan Ashir had not been admitted to the Circle to watch over the execution of magic, instead, he was accepted so that he could be controlled. But back then he was already planning the Blades, his most perfect creation. Enlivened by the power of perfect soul stones and made out of pain and cold metal on a dark forge, these blade-armed monsters were absolutely obedient and mercilessly lethal. In things like that, he had always been very inventive."

Rohen Tahir

Rune Magic

The Circle spent much of its time studying various aspects of magic. At an unspecified point in the later stages of their rule, they managed to use their Allfire to bind the souls of individuals to runes, creating Rune Warriors - beings obedient to the one holding their rune, immortal, untiring and, able to keep the experience they gather in battle, even though death.

They would use such warriors to great effect in the wars to follow, and they would leave a permanent mark on the history of Eo and its people.

Convocation Wars

The period around the year 50 before the convocation marks the start of the Convocation Wars - a conflict between the mages of the Circle that threw the entire world of Eo into chaos. Using armies of Rune Warriors and loyal servants, the Circle Mages waged battles the gravity of which decimated entire regions.

Some mages of the Circle likely died in this conflict, however, Shar of the Isles is the only member of whom we know this for certain, as there are records of him being slain by Undergast, the Weaver.

Notwithstanding, the ones who survived would soon meet a similar fate as the day of the Convocation drew near.

The Convocation

On the day of the Convocation, the mages of the Circle each engaged in rituals summoning the Primal Elements from their slumber, wishing to bring them under their control. Much to their dismay, they soon realised that none of them could control them, for only the power of Aonir, the All-Father, was enough to still their rage. This resulted in their ritual spells backfiring and killing them, leaving Eo at the mercy of the elements. Once the dust had settled, only land surrounding Aonir's Godstones remained.

Rohen Tahir was the only member who survived the cataclysm, though it is unknown how.

Post Convocation

Rohen's Redemption

This would not be the end of the Circle's influence over the world. Following the Convocation, Rohen Tahir would spend the next 6 years reconnecting the fragmented pieces of Eo via Portals, as well as establishing the Order of Dawn - an organisation that would play a pivotal role in rebuilding what was left of this world.

Hokan's Return

Though Hokan Ashir died during the Convocation, by having the Mask of Belial brought to him by the Phoenix Bearer during the Battle for Fiara, he managed to reform his body and continue his sinister plan to ascend to godhood. Using the blood of Ereon, he revived his fallen Circle brothers and sisters and set them under his will, using their power to merge with the demi-god Belial in Zarach's Bone Temple on Xu.

His plan would eventually falter, however, as he was defeated by the combined powers of the Phoenix Bearer and Shadow Warrior. By unleashing the Phoenix, they put an and to the Circle, culling them from this world and bringing their terror to an end. The ultimate defeat of the Circle also marked the end of rune magic, as their bodies and connection to the Allfire served as its fuel.

Members of the Circle

The Circle was originally comprised of 11 members, with two joining after its establishment. They were members of all the major races of Eo and masters of multiple fields of magic, particularly excelling in at least one of them.

Rohen Tahir
Rohen was one of the most powerful Circle Mages and knowledgeable in many areas. He has perfected his skills with Elemental magic, particularly in the fields of fire and ice. Obsessed with magic and the domination of Allhfire, he is constantly seeking out new ways to master its powers.
Hokan Ashir
One of the most powerful necromancers to have ever lived, feared even by some of his fellow Circle Mages. As a young Zerbite, he discovered the Mask of Belial while exploring the Black Jungle on Xu. His purpose seems to have been the creation of ever new forms of Undead. He joined the Circle as its 12th member.
Uram the Red
Uram was a powerful occultist talented in the field of fire magic which gained him the title "the Red" during his time at the Circle. A demonologist of the highest order and one of the pioneers of exploring the demonic realm, Uram was constantly seeking to advance his influence on the demon realm and summon ever greater servants.
Shar from the Isles
A mage who did the seemingly impossible: bringing the Medusas of the Lost Islands under his control, earning him a seat in the circle. His servants guarded the halls and towers of the Circle. His forte also lied in the field of earth magic.
Raith the Black
Raith was a powerful Norcaine Dark Mage who once uncovered the secrets of the City of Souls, which earned him a seat on the Circle of Mages. He excelled in Black Magic and has shown little regard for the affairs of others, though he was known to be searching for Hirin’s Hourglass, seeking to conquer death and time itself.
Ianna the Singer
Ianna’s charming personality always hid a darker side, where here mastery in Mentalism let her see everyone as merely a toy to play with in one of her elaborate parties. Staying on her good side always required a guiled tongue and outright flattery.
Isgrimm the Smith
Isgrimm perfected the use and study of the glyphs and by seeking out and studying Shaper artefacts has become the greatest of artificers and the greatest Stoneshaper of Windholme. As the builder of Mulandir, the seat of the Circle, his pride in his creations knew no bounds and he was constantly seeking new ways to hone his craft.
Zahaar the Snake
Zahaar was a hexer of the Norcaine, master of poisons and other sinister types of magic, often out, searching for ways to hone his craft. His poisons were renowned across Eo for bringing certain, painful death.
Yria of the Light
Yria was one of the pure-blooded elves from Finon Mir. Due to her prowess in White Magic, she became a famous healer and has dedicated herself to securing peace across Eo, trying to heal the wounds torn by war and strife. But many did well to not mistake that for weakness – Yria had ways to pacify you with or without your cooperation.
Gor the Changeling
Gor was born into the Grarg Orc clan on Urgath and has studied beasts and monsters of all kinds, to enable him to take their form. It is said that he was able to transform into beasts tall as the sky and so terrifying that just looking at them will make your heart stop beating. He was also a skilled summoner of earth magic.
Silverhand, Master of Mirrors
Silverhand was the best illusionist of his time, using his mental images and mirages to mislead friends and foe alike. He seldom acted himself, but his eyes and ears were always close to the happenings of Eo.
Undergast the Weaver
Undergast was the most accomplished scholar of the Circle, his thirst for knowledge and books second to none. He sometimes chose to ally with those willing to give up their knowledge, but he wasn't opposed by taking it by force if they were not.
The Piper
Joining as the final member of the Circle, the Piper was a prodigy at various kinds of magic, but perhaps best well known for his mental spells and charisma that allowed him to win the favour of many, which is why his armies often consisted of all kinds of races and creatures.