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A mountainous pass connecting Nortander and the savage regions known as the Wildlands. This area had never been at peace, but even less so after the Black Fist settled there some years after the Convocation. Ever since, its Orcs and bandits have been at odds with the local villagers of Skye and the surrounding islands.

But even before the Orcs arrived from the Godemark, the many twists and turns of the Pass were hiding many vile creatures, some of which have even dared to make contact with the locals - often bringing suffering and sorrow.

Notable Individuals

Notable Historic Events

  • 0 - 8 A.C.: The Black Fist, led by Brannigan, allied themselves with the local Orcs.
  • 8 A.C.: The Forces of the Order of Dawn settle in the village after being separated from Rohen Tahir.
  • 8 A.C.: The Spider Master terrorizes the village, stealing away its young girls as prey.
  • 8 A.C.: Brannigan and his Forces are defeated by the Phoenix Bearer

Village Syke bordering the Wildlands
Main encampment of the Black Fist