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The Frost Marshes are a cold and unforgiving place. The green valleys, once filled with drakes and local wildlife, have now been flooded by the Blades - metal constructs brought to life by powerful magic.

But the Blades are far from the only danger roaming these lands. Those who choose to venture further up North, through the Gate of Ice, will soon be greeted by hostile Giants, Elementals of pure frost, and, perhaps most dangerous of all, the Ice Elves who have set up camp at the summit and are now defending the path towards their home, Tirganach, and the Glacier of the Frostweaver against anyone foolish enough to seek it.

Notable Individuals : N/A

Notable Historic Events

  • 7 - 8 A.C.: The Blades push into the region from the Southern Godmark.
  • 8 A.C.: Rohen Tahir is killed by the Dark One.
  • 8 A.C.: The forces of the Order of Dawn break through the blockade of Blades - most perish in the attempt.

Outpost of the Ices Elves of Tirganach, far up North
Drakes inhabiting the Lowlands