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The royal house of Leonidar was once considered the largest royal house of Nortander, controlling the land from the Shadow Pass, all the way to the Northern coast of Fiara, however, those days are long in the past. Today, all that's left to them is the small island of Liannon, located on the border between the lands of House Wulfgar, and while they might not share their glory of old, the citizens of this place still take great pride in it.

They survive mainly thanks to fishing and hunting - however; increasing Goblin and bandit activities have even made such rudimentary tasks a challenge - and rumor has it that there's more to the green plains of Liannon that meets the eye - secrets waiting to be discovered.

Notable Individuals

Notable Historic Events

  • Unknown: Young Rohen Tahir abducts Lea and destroys the house Muir
  • Unknown: The Guardian Ereon disguises himself as Darius Servil and becomes the village's scribe
  • 8 A.C.: Ghosts of Udwin's expedition into the demonic realm emerged from an abandoned mine

Band of Goblins
Local Bandits