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The seat of the royal house of Wulfgar and the birthplace of the Order of Dawn - Greyfell had always been an important cornerstone of human civilization in Nortander.

After the Convocation, the city stands as one of the last major human bastions of the region, constantly under threat from the surrounding Goblins and Cave Orcs pushing towards them from the Shadow Pass.

Notable Individuals

  • Sartarius (deceased): Headmaster of the Order of Dawn
  • Gabar (deceased): Student of the magician Tanard
  • Zarim: Member of the Order of Dawn

Notable Historic Events

  • 1000 B.C. - 950 B.C: Greyfell is established by the first Humans.
  • Unknown: Shin Tar Guar, a necromancer, sacrifices his three sons to the Red Horde and is subsequently driven out of the city.
  • Year 0 (Convocation): The Order of Dawn is established by Rohen Tahir.

Greyfell's Village