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During the War of the Six Races, when the armies of the Fial Darg were close to achieving absolute victory, the Guardians descended to Eo and blocked their armies by erecting a mountainous wall in their path. But the Fial Darg would not falter - they sent their dark armies clashing against it, bombarding it with spells and arrows until they carved paths into the rock and gave it the step-like appearance it has today.

Once the dark ones reached the top, they were ultimately defeated and the Fial Darg locked beneath the caverns of Aonir's Blade, but the wall still stands as a reminder of the ferocious battle that had nearly wiped out the races of the light.

Since then, the region became settled by humans and served as the borderlands between Hokan's undead horde and Uram the Red Uram's demonic legions. Despite the War of the Six Races being long in the past, the Godwall still sees many battles tainting its soil red with the blood of the fallen.

Notable Individuals

  • Vintus Lannard: Scribe of the settlers on the Godwall. Formerly in possession of the shard of Spring Dance
  • Cord Dunnahan: Commander of the Red Legion on the Godwall
  • Bren Fallwind: Local storyteller
  • John Gonnard: Innkeep, formerly in possession of the key to the old dwarven ruins
  • Tamira Hal: Owner of the biggest settlement on the Godwall
  • Kira (deceased): Commander of the Briarwolves on the Godwall

Notable Historic Events

  • 600 B.C.: The Guardians erect the Godwall, the War of the Six Races end with the victory of the light
  • 50 - 0 B.C.: The Godwall serves as a battlefield between Hokan and Uram
  • 8 A.C.: The Briarwolves attack the Red Legion and the settlers on behalf of Mechlan
  • 8 A.C.: The Briarwolves are defeated by the Phoenix Bearer

Encampent of the Briarwolves
Ruins of an old dwarven city