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Though Elves had become a rare sight outside of the forest Finon Mir following the Convocation, it wasn't just Eloni that housed them in Nortander. Leafshade was another of their bastions until it was reduced to ruin by the forces of the Black Fist.

Since its past isn't all that known, most assume that the city had been built around the same time as Eloni. With its hostile inhabitants gone, the Elves might decide to rebuild it to its former glory - only time will tell.

Notable Individuals

Notable Historic Events

  • 600-500 B.C.: Finonmir Elves settle in the area
  • 8 A.C.: Leafshade is destroyed by the Orcs of the Black Fist

Troops of the Black Fist guarding the entrance to their Camps
Elves taken hostage by the Black Fist