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SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars

SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars is a blend between an RTS and an RPG developped by Phenomic Game Development and published by JoWood Production. It was released on PC in 2006. It follows SpellForce: The Order of Dawn published in 2003.

The story of the game focuses on a Shaikan (later called The Soul Carrier) who tries to save his home, Shaikur, from the threat of the Pact, as well as explaining the story behind the race of the Shaikans.

It has three extensions : SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm, SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny and SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past.

It later was combined with SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm in an edition called SpellForce 2 Gold Edition.



Shadow Wars introduces a new outlook of the heroes. Instead of being summoned at a hero monument, they instead join your party and stay with you for the whole game. A party is formed of the avatar, five heroes and two companions who, unlike the heroes, can't be managed by the player and may leave the party during the game.



Instead of The Order of Dawn having playable races, Shadow Wars has playable factions which are made of 3 different factions. Each faction has a dozen of units and its own titan.



Main Characters

Shaikan Related


Bor joins his brother, The Soul Carrier, that just came back from his journey. On their way to their home, they quickly find out that the army of the Pact is approaching thanks to Nightsong. After having pushed back the first wave, Ur, the Patriarch asks the Soul Carrier to go with Nightsong on her way to inform the King Ulf of the arrival of the shadows and bring back an army able to confront the Pact.

At the castle of Sevenkeeps, Ulf doesn't listen to either of them. Einar suggests the Soul Carrier to gather a small army of dwarves and elves in order to attack the Bulwark, an immense fortress on the only way to go back home, as the previous one is blocked. While doing so, the Soul Carrier stops the pest epidemic at Sevenkeeps, convincing the king to help him take down the Bulwark. After taking it down, the Soul Carrier brings back to life Kor, an orc leader, thinking that it could only bring good.

When coming back at The Iron Fields, it is already too late, as Shaikur is nearly destroyed, Ur defeated by a devourer and brung to Shal, and townsfolk given as food for the devourer. After freeing the Iron Fields from the Pact, the Soul Carrier decides to free Ur at Shal but The Realm won't follow him. Thanks to Kor that he saved earlier, he manages to gain the help of The Clans. To go to Shal, they must first go thought the fortress of Dragh'Lur, protected by shadows, making it near impossible to conquer.

To solve this problem, the Soul Carrier forges a new Shadow Ring, a ring able to see shadows. After doing so, The Shadow Warrior tells the Soul Carrier how the shadows are slaves of Sorvina and can only stop to serve her after the Black Mirror will no longer be in her grasp. After retrieving the mirror, the Clans finally attack Dragh'Lur and without the shadows, it quickly falls.

At Shal, the Soul Carrier is kidnapped by Sorvina. She drinks his dragon blood in order to gain eternal youth and bring back Nazshar but instead the soul of Malacay gains control of her body. He flees to his laboratory in the Crystal Forest to start making a swarm of malars to take over Eo. The Soul Carrier follows him, facing him at the Steel Shore and is finally able to take down Malacay and the curse of the Shaikan.


Main Quests

Shadow Dance
  1. Coming Home
    1. Lya
      1. The Blood Ritual
    2. The Pact Attacks
      1. Nightsong
      2. Protect her Life
      3. Alarm
      4. Help from the Humans
      5. Break through the Ring
      6. Ur, the Patriarch
Threatened Homeland
  1. Nightsong and the Message for the King
    1. To Norimar
    2. On the Way to the Falcons of Norimar
    3. The Watchfires
      1. The First Watchfire
      2. The Second Watchfire
      3. The Third Watchfire
      4. The Fourth Watchfire
    4. The Horn of the Falcons
      1. Secure the Horn
      2. The Horn must sound.
    5. Return to the Castle
    6. Falkmar
    7. The Supply Unit
      1. The First Command
      2. Through the Undead
      3. The Vault of the Undead
      4. To Rushwater Downs
    8. Rescue for Lyraine
      1. Break through the siege around Lyraine.
    9. Master Matricus
    10. Against the Iron Storm
      1. The Eastern Defense
      2. Defend Lyraine
      3. The End of the Attacks
    11. Return to Matricus
    12. The Old Order Stronghold
      1. The Portal Stone
    13. To Sevenkeeps
    14. The King of the Highmark
    15. A Friend
  2. The Catapults of Underhall
    1. The Ambassador of the Dwarves
    2. The Sobering Up Potion
      1. Bitter Lye
      2. The Respect of the Priests
      3. Crystal Vial
      4. The Favor of the Craftsmen
      5. Jared's Mixture
      6. Talk to Jared
    3. In the Home of the Dwarves
      1. The Power of the Portal Stone
      2. To Underhall
    4. Ruler of Underhall
      1. The Way unto the Mountain
      2. The Thane
      3. Through the Mine
      4. Open the Inner Gates
      5. The Eastern Lever
      6. The Heart of Niethalf
      7. Windhammer's Redemption
      8. Down with Iuan
      9. The Way out of the Mine
      10. Leave the Mine
      11. Reinforcement
      12. One after the Other
      13. United Forces
      14. United in Death
      15. Back to Sevenkeeps
  3. The Bows of Dun Mora
    1. The Morhir
      1. The Ambassadress of the Elves
      2. Hagard, the Magician
      3. The Snakenettle
      4. Honi soit qui mal y pense....
      5. Never trust a Magician
      6. The Magician
        1. The Trust of the Magicians
      7. The Militia
        1. Jobs for the Militia
      8. Dubious Magic
      9. To Dun Mora
    2. A New Hope
      1. Queen Sansha
      2. The Mourning Ghosts
      3. Redeem the Lonely Mourning Ghost
      4. Redeem the Angry Mourning Ghost
      5. Redeem the Wild Mourning Ghost
      6. Redeem the Frightened Mourning Ghost
      7. Redeem the Greedy Mourning Ghost
    3. From the Depths
      1. Back to the Queen
      2. Time is Running
      3. The First Battle
      4. They're Coming Back
      5. Back underneath the Ground
    4. The Archers of the Morhir
      1. Elven Oath
      2. The Battle begins
  4. Rescue for the Iron Fields
    1. Nightsong's Kidnapping
      1. Talk to Redmond
      2. Search in the Northeast
      3. Hagard's Return
      4. To the Needle
    2. Matricus and the Griffons
    3. Through the Bulwark
      1. A New Command
      2. The First Wave
      3. Tactics
      4. The Order Griffons
      5. Storm
      6. The Breaking-Up of the Dark Ones
      7. On to the Iron Fields
    4. Against the Shadows
      1. Council of War
      2. Griffons to the Outposts
      3. A Sacrifice for the Treants
      4. Elen's Call
    5. Shaikur
      1. Storm the Fortress
      2. Revenge
Ur, the Patriarch
  1. The Clans
    1. To the Swordwall
      1. Old Enemies
      2. Through the Gate
      3. The Iron Lord
    2. Shadow and Light
      1. Nightsong
      2. The Freetraders
      3. Mordecay
      4. Zanza's Order
      5. The Messenger
  2. The Shadow Ring
    1. A Question
      1. Kor's Oracle
      2. The Oracle
      3. The Test
    2. The Abandoned Forge
      1. To Uram Gor
      2. Through the Burning Plains
      3. Old Art of Forging
    3. The Gate of the Nameless
      1. Fortifying the Position
      2. The Gate
    4. Through the Valley of Ashes
      1. Gauntlet Run
      2. Chaos Nodes
      3. The Lord Steward
      4. On to the Fireforge
    5. The Barbarians
      1. Allies
      2. Upward
    6. The Fireforge
      1. Into the Old Town
      2. Look for the Key
      3. Let Vlad open the Gate
      4. The Last Ring
      5. Volcano Forge
      6. Essence of Heat
      7. Yellow Fire
  3. The Black Mirror
    1. The Shadow Warrior
    2. The Forgotten Lands
      1. The Freetraders
      2. Library of Memories
      3. The Forgotten Portal
    3. Thunderfists
    4. The Magnet Stones
    5. The Banned Portal
      1. Skull Castle
      2. The Spell is Broken
    6. The Bone Wall
      1. The Bone Wall
      2. Naugron, Guardian of the Mirror
      3. Pledge
  4. The Storm on Dragh'Lur
    1. The Storm Begins
    2. The Iron Lord
    3. Through the Sanctuaries
      1. The Stone God
      2. The Treasure of the Western Camp
      3. The Treasure of the Eastern Camp
      4. To Dragh'Lur
      5. When the humans became cheeky...
      6. Sorok
      7. Human Sacrifices
      8. The Preserver Must Live
      9. Souls for the Guardians
      10. Shygalla, the Mother
      11. Zarach's Menials
      12. Hammer and Anvil
    4. The Ruler of the Norcaine
    5. The March to the Fortress
      1. Through the Swamp
      2. Traps
    6. The Impregnable
      1. Tower Wall
      2. Revenge
  1. The Rebellion
    1. Captured
    2. Save your Companions
    3. Carrier of the Seal
    4. Civil War
    5. Hunt for Malacay
    6. Common Cause
    7. To the Crystal Wastes
  2. The Hunt
    1. To the Crystal Forest
    2. The Book D'arh
      1. Complete the Book
      2. Fire
      3. Ice
      4. Earth
    3. To the Crystal Mountain
      1. To the Laboratory
      2. The Wrong Enemy
      3. Stone grinds Sword
      4. Shadows
      5. The Melody of Magic
      6. Crystal Puzzle
    4. Malacay's Hideout
      1. A Strange Mosaic
      2. Mosaic
      3. The Last Journey
  3. Father
    1. The Secret Fortress
    2. Blood of My Blood
      1. To the North
      2. To the Blood Temple
      3. A Thousand Years of Dying

Side Quests

Generic side quests
The Right Twist
  1. The Right Twist - The Professor
    1. Lela
    2. Furry's Nemesis
    3. Here Kitty, Kitty...
    4. Burst Chains
    5. Back to Twiddle
  2. The Right Twist - Mauser's Evil Empire
    1. Look for the Professor
    2. Return the Professor to his Human Form
    3. Meet the Professor
  3. The Right Twist - Magnetic Detector
    1. Look for Perfect Magnet Stone
    2. Take the Magnet Stone to the Professor
    3. Look for the Geodes
    4. Report to the Professor
  4. The Right Twist - Rohen's Portal
    1. Look for the Portal Fragment
    2. Meet the Professor at the Song Glass
  5. The Right Twist - The Timetwister
    1. Look for the Glasses
    2. Activate the Timetwister
    3. Report to Twiddle
The Grey Family
The Art of Forging

Free Game Mode

Free Game Mode is one of the two mutliplayer mode in Shadow Wars. Up to 3 players can play together, or it can be played in solo. The player is given quests in Westguard and can play maps in any order and redo them any time they want, each labeled with the intended level for the avatar to play them.

Main Characters

The Cult
The Guardians


The avatar joins the Hand of the Dragon, a group of shaikan mercenaries founded during the events of the campaign. As its leader, Tor Halicos gives various tasks to the avatar. After proving that they are worthy to join the Hand, Tor quickly tasks the avatar a more personal request, which is to free a "friend" at Dragh Lur. Later, the task is to move freetraders to a safe place in Tuscari Wasteland, where they are then all killed by demons.

This event make the avatar question Tor Halicos, who refuses to answer them. After doing some researches with Jandrim, they find that Tor Halicos helps a group called The Cult. He explains that it is because they hold hostage of Aya, in whom he has a great affection. After saving her, Asha tells the party that the Cult controls a god, Zerbo, and plan to destroy his former self so he is reborn in a new form. After conjuring Niethalf to fight Zerbo, the avatars of the two gods are destroyed.

After this event, the Cult casted The Bone Spell on Sevenkeeps, turning all the citizen into undeads. To stop them, the avatar broke the Power Crystal powering a magical barrier, but too late, as Zerbo has already reincarnated between five of his disciples, including The Prophet. After defeating several Incarnation of the Red God, the avatar confronted the weaken prophet at The Crater, defeated him and put an end to the plans of the Cult.


Main Quests

The Hand of the Dragon
  1. Heroes of the Hand
    1. The Choice
    2. Improve the Reputation
    3. A New Companion
  2. Defense
    1. The Honor Badges
    2. Back to the Westguard
    3. Rescue a Friend
    4. A Queer Codger
  3. The Freetraders
    1. Bring them to Safety
    2. Report
    3. A Two-edged Sword
    4. Wrong Game
    5. What now?
  4. The Cult
    1. Plans of the Cult
    2. Report to Jandrim
    3. Talk to Halicos
    4. Aya
    5. The New/Old Halicos
    6. Jandrim
  5. The Face of the Gods
    1. The High Priests
    2. Ready for the Conjuration
    3. Fight of the Gods
    4. The Mad God
  6. The Bone Spell
    1. Sevenkeeps
    2. What is Going on Here?
    3. Destroy the Spell Shield.
    4. The Shield Will Break
    5. The Bone Spell
    6. The King's Thanks
    7. Ylia
  7. Incarnation
    1. The Incarnation of the Red God
    2. The God Sleeps Again

Side Quests

Westguard quests
  1. Ore for Jandrim
  2. Take the Ore to Jandrim
  3. Gather Perfect Ore
  4. Take the Perfect Ore to Jandrim
  1. Look for Jandra
  2. Bring Utrecht the Brooch
  3. Talk to Odin Mersadion
  4. Search for Utrecht's Wife Iris
  5. Meet Utrecht at the Westguard
  1. The First Piece of the Map
  2. Bring Anderhall the First Piece
  3. The Second Piece of the Map
  4. To Anderhall
  5. The Third Piece of the Map
  6. To Anderhall
  7. The Fourth Piece of the Map
  8. To Anderhall
  9. The Fifth Piece of the Map
  10. Take the Last Piece of the Map to Anderhall
  11. Look for the Light of Ankbrand
  12. Take the Light to Anderhall
  1. Seek the Holy Shrines
  2. Return to Ylia
  1. Dragon Runes
  2. Take the Dragon Runes to Odin
  3. The Second Rune Circle
  4. Take the Second Rune Set to Odin
  5. Find the Gathering Place
  6. Report to Odin about the Dragon Hunters
  1. Build Watchtowers at the Border
  2. Report to Halicos
  1. Gather Raw Materials
  2. Return to Utrecht
  1. Kill Shalagath, the Devourer
  2. Bring the News to Odin
Individual map quests


Skirmish is the second multiplayer mode in SpellForce 2. It can be played up to 6 players (games are 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 1v1v1v1). This mode can also be played against the AI and you can have AI as your allies.

Before starting a game, players can choose their team, their faction and which avatar they will use. There are 9 predetermined avatars to choose from or an avatar with level 30 in Free Game Mode can also be chosen.

Player setups