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The Stepping Stones (DotP)

Hokan's Dream Game
The events of this game are not part of the canon story and timeline of the SpellForce universe.


The Stepping Stones is the second map in the Demons of the Past's campaign.

It's supposed to be located somewhere on the undiscovered continent named Inenland as a trial, created by the Gods themselves, for mortals to prove their worth and reach their Realm alive.

It consists of 10 islands, each dedicated to one Guardian and where the Elder must pass each Guardian's test in order to proceed to the next map, The Realm of the Gods.

Although the Elder encounters a few inhabitants while crossing each islands, it's assumed that most of these are not real but instead projections of the real people they represent since most places are empty and devoid of any life until each trial begun.

Most of these tests require wit and knowledge, others brute force and some a bit of stealth and mischief.

Here it is the map, with the important locations to remember when playing it:


The Stepping Stones The Stepping Stones

    🗡️ Journey Stones
  1. 1 The Stepping Stones
  2. 🗡️ Portals
  3. 2 Incoming Portal (Disabled) / Hirin's Island
  4. 3 Elen's Island
  5. 4 Hirin's Island
  6. 5 Zerbo's Island
  7. 6 Elen's Island
  8. 7 Fourth Trial (Nor's) Island
  9. 8 Zerbo's Island
  10. 9 Niethalf's Island
  11. 10 Fourth Trial (Nor's) Island
  12. 11 Ereon's Island
  13. 12 Niethalf's Island
  14. 13 Shanna's Island
  15. 14 Ereon's Island
  16. 15 Eighth Trial (Kerona's) Island
  17. 16 Shanna's Island
  18. 17 Ninth Trial (Zarach's) Island
  19. 18 Eighth Trial (Kerona's) Island
  20. 19 Tiara's Island
  21. 20 Ninth Trial (Zarach's) Island / Fire Gate
  22. 🗡️ Locations / NPCs
  23. 21 Stranger (Time Counter)
  24. 22 Stranger (Lunatic)
  25. 23 Stranger (Messenger)
  26. 24 Stalker / Elen's Singing Bowstring
  27. 25 Fruit Vendor
  28. 26 Suspicious Figure
  29. 27 Zoraeen
  30. 28 Colin
  31. 29 Great Old Tree
  32. 30 Ziggurat


The Guardian introduced as Kerona on Demons of the Past's campaign as the Guardian of Time, it's not canon.

In fact, it contradicts the lore of previous games as it's already mentioned on those that the Guardian of Time is Hirin.


  • The Trials of the Guardians

    Pass all tests of the islands

    • The ghost of Craig Un'Shallach wanted you to come here. He insisted that you should contact the Guardians to get their help in the fight against the Nameless.
      These mysterious , called the Stepping Stones, are the only path to the Guardians' location. Visit each island and pass all the trials.
    1. 1
      Trial of Hirin

      Deliver all 3 messages
      The trial of Hirin is to find three people in the maze and pass on the correct message to them.
      Good thing you can start it over if you fail. Just touch the Guardian Stone again.

      • Stranger (Time Counter) 💡
        It is time
      • Stranger (Lunatic) 💡
        Makkebitay quperiajot!
      • Stranger (Messenger) 💡
        I'm the messenger.
        • To Whom It May Concern

          Deliver the message you received on Hirin's island to the right person
          Yeah, but who is the addressee? Hirin's got a strange sense of humour.
          This will be hard without any knowledge...
          Oh, wait a second, did I say knowledge? Ereon should have an island here too...
    2. 2
      Trial of Elen

      Walk on the path of the hunt and defeat all high-prize game you come across
      The trial of Elen invites you to a hunt. Follow the path and hunt the wild beasts wandering around.
      You can call yourself a true hunter only if you run down all of them.

    3. 3
      Trial of Zerbo

      Sneak through the city
      Sneak through the city without raising any attention.
      Don't get into a fight. No blood should be spilled – not even yours.

    4. 4
      The Fourth Trial

      Survive the night
      Make it through the night alive on this mysterious island.
      Watch out for any new company. They might be far from friendly.

    5. 5
      Trial of Niethalf

      Reach the mother lode
      Niethalf bestowed leadership of a group of dwarves on you. Battling giants and golems, you should fight your way to the mother lode in the cave.
      Your trial is completed when the dwarves reach the Adamantinum and you've cleansed all corridors of your enemies.

    6. 6
      Trial of Ereon

      Tell the Guardian Stone the name of the one who tells only the truth

      Speak to all 5 people here, and find out who is the only truly honest person.
      Return to the Guardian Stone then and tell the stone the name you have puzzled out.
    7. 7
      Trial of Shanna

      Protect the Great Old Tree from the attacks
      There is a tree standing in the centre of this island, the Great Old Tree. She is harassed by demonic creatures.
      Protect her from the attacks, and heal her with the magical essences you find.
      The stone said your life depends on the tree, so you'd better make sure she lives, because there won't be a second chance here.

    8. 8
      The Eighth Trial

      Reach the portal on the other side of the island
      A strange trial. It wants you to walk over to the other side and use the portal there.
      Is that it?

    9. 9
      The Ninth Trial

      Complete the construction of the Ziggurat
      Protect the construction of the Ziggurat from the attacks of the elementals. The construction ends when all 4 levels are done.
      The stone also hinted that your life ends when the Ziggurat is destroyed, so make every effort to reach your goal.

    10. 10
      Trial of Tiara

      Solve the puzzle by activating the pedestals in the correct order

      Solve the puzzle in order, to open the portal to the Realm of the Gods.
      The island is all marble and columns. There are 8 pedestals with objects, some of them can even be turned around.
      You need to find the right direction and the correct activation order. Each correct move will feed the holy fire of Tiara.
      • The Torch: The dawn of day, but light illuminated the darkness of a cold night.
      • The Knight: In the flickering lights, a knight in full attire stood still, facing the rising sun. (Rotate the Knight to the Sword)
      • The Sword: My sword for gold!, shouted he, for treasures, were his heart's desire. (Rotate the Sword to the Chest)
      • The Chest: And out he rode into the clear morning, to once again defy the crystalline foe. (Rotate the Chest to the Crystal)
      • The Crystal: Wherever he would find her, he'd fight her with his sword and shield.
      • The Shield: His foe, the crystal witch, who stole his treasured cup. (Rotate the Shield to the Cup)
      • The Cup: In the end he found and killed her with a mighty blow.
      • The Cauldron: Her limp body fell lifeless. A huge fire spread out, engulfing the knight holding the treasured cup in his hands.
  • Sidequests

    1. 1
      Colin's Diary

      Find all pages of the diary
      Colin asked you to collect all the pages of his diary.
      The pages can be everywhere on the islands, including on any you've already visited.

      Here are the pages' locations in no special order, some can be found during the normal progression of the main quest, others require returning to previous islands.
      1. First page of Colin's diary - Shanna's Island
      2. Second page of Colin's diary - Hirin's Island (it's in the bottom right nook to the right from the Time Counter)
      3. Third page of Colin's diary - Niethalf's Island
      4. Fourth page of Colin's diary - Zerbo's Island (north from the jealous husband, Zoraeen))
      5. Fifth page of Colin's diary - Elen's Island (nearby to where the Spiders were)
      6. Last page of Colin's diary - Fourth Trial (Nor's) Island (dropped by an Undead in the final wave)
      • Proof

        Deliver the notes to Jasse in Westguard
        You've collected all the pages. Colin's wish is that you bring them back to his niece Jasse, who lives in Westguard.

Colin's ghost
Colin's ghost
The Phoenix Bearer and Hokan Ashir (DotP version)
The Phoenix Bearer and Hokan Ashir (DotP version)