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Hokan's Dream Game
The events of this game are not part of the canon story and timeline of the SpellForce universe.

The Armory of the Eo items are part of the Equipment Set Guardian Elements.

Since it's impossible for one character (Avatar or Hero) to wear ALL ITEMS at once, the Guardian Elements Set will have the Set Bonus according to how many items (max.: 5 items) are equiped.

Collecting ALL 10 items from the Armory of the Eo will also grant you the Achievement Relics of the Gods.

To try and help you get the achievement, here are the locations of each item in the same order I got them on my last playthrough:

Btw, this is by no means a guide to tell you where and in wich order to visit any of the game's locations.

The Relics of the Gods' Locations RelicsoftheGodsachievement.jpg
🏰 Westguard
NiethalfsBonecrusher.png1 Westguard: Niethalf's Bonecrusher Niethalf's Bonecrusher

Chest, North of the circle of stones up the Eastern mountains (Spear Heights on Shadow Wars, where you can find Darc, the dog in the Such a Good Boy sidequest).

🏰 Stepping Stones
ElensSingingBowstring.png2 Stepping Stones: Elen's Singing Bowstring Elen's Singing Bowstring

At Elen's island, inside a small chest hidden in some bushes left hand side if you go from spider to statue. 3rd person view recommended!

🏰 Realm of the Gods
RelicsRing.png3 Realm of the Gods: Tiara's Rising Sun Tiara's Rising Sun

Chest in a triangle shaped room, West from Twiddle's Blue Crystal's room.

🏰 The Citadel
EreonsBrainstorm.png4 The Citadel: Ereon's Brainstorm Ereon's Brainstorm

Chest behind the Portal to the Library, up North, behind Dor'Mat's base.

🏰 The Depths of Kul'Rath
HirinsHarbringer.png5 The Depths of Kul'Rath: Hirin's Harbringer Hirin's Harbringer

Chest hidden by a purple smoke/mist and guarded by an Eruption in the gorge to the West from the corrupted dragon, Resikk'Mass.
You need to mount on Jorbal to reach it.

🏰 Remains of Steelcoast
ShannasPainkiller.png6 Remains of Steelcoast: Shanna's Painkiller Shanna's Painkiller

At the top of the column on the Northern room, near the Iriosaurus.
You need Jorbal to get it.

🏰 Shadow Realm
ZerbosSprayandPray.png7 Shadow Realm: Zerbo's Spray and Pray Zerbo's Spray and Pray

Chest behind a building, East from the City of Shadows' Journey Stone.

🏰 Icewastes of Shalibar
RelicsRing.png8 Icewastes of Shalibar: Nor's Moonshadow Nor's Moonshadow

Chest at the Southeastern corner of the map (You'll need a flying unit to reach it).

🏰 Plains of Argan
KeronasWebofTime.png9 Plains of Argan: Kerona's Web of Time] Kerona's Web of Time

Sold by the Shaikan Merchant (Shaikan Camp).

ZarachsBloodcleaver.png10 Plains of Argan: Zarach's Bloodcleaver Zarach's Bloodcleaver

Gift from Zarach himself during the main quest. You can't miss it.