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_Characters (Dream Games)/DotP/Archon Dor'Mat_

Archon Dor'Mat

Hokan's Dream Game
The events of this game are not part of the canon story and timeline of the SpellForce universe.

Archon Dor'Mat


Archon Dor'Mat is one of the four Pact faction leaders in the Citadel when the Elder is sent there by Ereon in search of clues to defeat Zazhut.

He is also part of the achievement Silly walk.

Archon Dor'Mat was sent to the Citadel as part of the archaeological expedition to search for some ancient texts from the time of the Shapers. Betrayed by his second in command, Liriel, he was the leader of one of the Archon Caste and they set camp on North East Quarter where the Elder found them.


During the visit of the Elder at the Citadel, he meet four Pact faction leaders already with base camp there. All of them refuse to join forces with him but ask for his help tricking the other leaders into helping fighting their immediate enemy... And again, until only one Caste/Faction remains in the end.

Due to that, it depends on the player's choices during the campaign on this map if Archon Dor'Mat is dead or if remains alive at the end of the main quest in the Citadel.


I'm here on order of my Empress, to find information that will help the Norcaine rise again to their old glory, Shaikan.

Hm. I'm not sure, Shaikan. Zazhut is a shortening of a Shaper term Zalutik Zhutan, which means 'being of great power'.

There was a fascinating book made of crystal, which - if you touched it - started to tell the story written inside. It told of two such beings of great power who were friendly with the Shapers and showed them many things in terms of magic and crafting.

Alas, Shaikan. A clumsy Sinistrim broke it. We could restore part of it, but we never learned what became of these two beings. We were sure they had some connection with Ani'Hu.

You are well informed, Shaikan. But, of course, you must be, given your involvement with the Empress.

I'll postpone my vengeance for a little while, Shaikan. Let's show those weaklings what a real Norcaine can do!

What would you do, if your lieutenant stabbed you in the back? This must be dealt with without mercy!

No, I'm just fulfilling my thirst for vengeance. She doesn't deserve to be called Archon anymore. But I see you have some insight into our culture, so I'll let you do something for me.

But we… [sighs] You're wise, Shaikan. Let me now help you in your quest, after you helped me in mine.

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