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_Characters (Dream Games)/DotP/Darc_


Hokan's Dream Game
The events of this game are not part of the canon story and timeline of the SpellForce universe.

Darc is a huge dog owned by the Merchant Odelle at Westguard during the Demons of the Past events.

You meet him when you encounter Odelle at the Marketplace for the first time and sometimes, Darc even helps you fight the closer groups of Undead attacking the city.

Later, he runs away from his owner and she will ask for your help to seek him out, starting the side quest Such a Good Boy.

If you're playing for the achievement Faster than Darc, you must catch him before he can run around even once. The first place where he runs to is near your Shaikan Headquarters.

If you can't catch him there, he runs away up the Eastern hill to the circle of stones on Spear Heights (on Shadow Wars), and then he'll run again to the North to near the chest containing the Niethalf's Bonecrusher.

That's where you can catch him and convince him to follow you back to Odelle to complete the Such a Good Boy side quest.


Oh, such a privilege to meet you, Shaikan! Don't worry about Darc - he is really gentle. Mostly... To anyone who's not Undead, at least... ⇢ Odelle

My poor Darc is still not back yet. I heard he was seen at your camp. Can you catch him for me? Just tell him he's a good boy, and he'll follow you back. ⇢ Odelle

I'm worried about him. He usually doesn't stay out for this long. If he's not around the cliffs, then he must have got into trouble... ⇢ Odelle

You're really fond of this dog, I can see. I'll send my men to find him. ⇢ The Elder

You are such a good boy, Darc. You are! Come now! ⇢ The Elder

There you are! Mummy missed you so much. Thank you, Shaikan, for getting him back. I just love this big smelly dog. I'll be forever in your debt. Please, take this... I insist! ⇢ Odelle

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