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Many moons ago, Farlorn's Hope used to be a bustling center for the free-traders of Fiara, but the Convocation Wars and, perhaps even more so, the Convocation, changed that. The once fertile and lively lands became war-torn, and trading with gold and silver has been replaced by trading with blood.

Today, Farlorn's Hope is home to the Red Legion, a former army of the circle mage Uram the Red, and while they keep the dangerous region stable and the few remaining free-traders in business, they have shown that they are ready to defend what's theirs, whether that be from the ferocious Drakes residing in the North, or foreign invaders foolish enough to try and take it from them.

Notable Individuals

  • Jon Farlorn: Free-trader
  • Rigour Mortis (deceased): Adept of the dark arts. Studies the Shadows
  • Commander Halicor: Leader of the Red Legion and veteran of the Convocation Wars
  • Thom Laire: General Torn's medic
  • General Torn: General of the Red Legion army
  • Seth Dundred: Professional assassin
  • Briar(deceased): Leader of the Briar Wolves
  • Bork Gorinson: Demolition expert from Windholme
  • Elwen Winterwind: Elven traveler, formerly in the possession of the shard of Autumn Twilight
  • Fyrmir(deceased): Elder Dragon, a former servant of Uram the Red and temporarily in possession of the shard of Summer Wind

Notable Historic Events

  • 50 - 0 B.C.: The region is destroyed by some of the fiercest battles of the Convocation Wars
  • 0 - 8 A.C.: Armun, a thief and founder of the settlements on the Godwall, tries to enchant Fyrmir, an elder dragon, using the shard of Summer Wind and perishes in the attempt
  • 8 A.C.: The Briar Wolves, backed by Mechlan, invade the region in search of the magical shards. The portal to Greyfell is blocked
  • 8 A.C.: Briar is assassinated by Seth Dundred and the Briar Wolves defeated by the Phoenix Bearer and the forces of the Red Legion

Encampent of the Red Legion east
Encampent of the Briar Wolves to the north-west