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SpellForce: Shaikan Cycle

SpellForce: Shaikan Cycle is a trilogy of novels written by Uschi Zietsch based on the SpellForce series and released on 2006. They serve as a prequel to both The Shadow Wars and The Order of Dawn.


The trilogy chronicles the life of Goren Windwhisperer, a Shaikan and the previous Soul Carrier, and his adventures before and during The Convocation Wars. The trilogy also explores the origins of Janus Malacay in depth.


Due to legal issues between the author and Phonemic Games the novels are not part of the official canon. Legal issues aside, the trilogy contains certain amounts of lore breaks and retcons.

Below is a list of the inaccuracies, separated by the books. While a few of these points are theoretically possible as they haven't been explored before, due to the general inaccuracy, those would have to be separated from the works at large, thus compromising their integrity.


  1. Malacay met Ur in secret.
  2. People need a wand or mouth in order to perform magic.
  3. Dragons harbor treasure.
  4. Elven borders were still closed by the convocation wars.
  5. Malacay had a beard and wore blue robes.
  6. Malacay had a son who became the second shaikan.
  7. Half dark elves are not tolerated in Lar.
  8. Elen is also goddess of wisdom and healing.
  9. Shaikan coat of arms has different colors.
  10. Shaikan are born not made.
  11. Shaikan have priesthood.
  12. Shaikan have nobles.
  13. Shaikan smoke a lot.
  14. Shaikan maid!
  15. The temple around Ur was not in ruin.
  16. Convocation is common knowledge.
  17. Connach is a city and days apart from Lyraine.
  18. If one were to say "Fial Darg" out loud the environment is affected.
  19. Malacay used the Allfire to become immortal.
  20. Chlerus's title was "magnificent".

Heirs of Darkness

  1. Soul Carrier status is hereditary.
  2. Half dark elves are recognizable.
  3. Highmark's flag has different colors.
  4. Hokan Ashir became the emperor of Xu after destroying the order of Zerbites.
  5. Hokan was an idealist who wanted to free Eo from the "tyranny of guardians" during convocation wars.
  6. Hokan had long hair.
  7. Raith wanted to bring order to Eo by conquering it.
  8. Amra faced Rohen alone.
  9. Craig's wife was a dark elf and they were on good standing even after his exile.
  10. Nightsong's appearance in SF2 was natural.
  11. Orcs can work and live in Norimar.
  12. Windholm is not prejudiced against the dark races.
  13. Dark elf women work menial jobs.
  14. Glamrig was imprisoned in an ancient ravine for a hundred year, chained to a wall without food or water.
  15. Dark elves have chameleon like ability.
  16. Fial Darg are shapeshifters and nobody has seen their true form.
  17. A Blade called Invincible was Soul Forger's superior and commander.
  18. Iron Falcons had disbanded by the time of convocation wars.

Storm on Shaikur

  1. Iron lord had diplomatic relations with the light races.
  2. Uram Gor was the "free city of orcs".
  3. Iron lord had children.
  4. Again it is shown that white hair is natural among norcaine.
  5. Fial Darg can become invisible.
  6. Chameleon ability now belongs to the Starshine character only, not the whole dark elf race.
  7. Ur can predict the future.
  8. The other races and countries made an alliance with shaikan.
  9. Craig had many children.
  10. Shadow realm is common knowledge.
  11. Rune Warriors neither appeared or were mentioned at any point.(also applies to previous books)