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_Characters (Dream Games)/DotP/Nal'Drommar_

The Nal'Drommar

Hokan's Dream Game
The events of this game are not part of the canon story and timeline of the SpellForce universe.



The Nal'Drommar is an ancient evil created by Nor himself that is said to roam the Citadel.

According to an ancient legend among the Norcaine, as it's told to the Elder by Dracon Shur Tal'in it is said that when Nor still roamed the lands of Eo to scatter the earth with silver as pure as the moon itself, he one day came by a woman called Ani'hu.

She was a Shaper and her hair flowed like pure silver along her back.

Nor was stricken with love for this Shaper woman. It was to her that he showed the deepest secrets of moonsilver-crafting.

It is said that Ani'hu wrote down all of those secrets and that her notes would take the art of moonsilver-crafting to unknown heights.

But Ani'hu was killed in a freak explosion and her notes were lost. The legends differ in that respect. All that remained of her was a lock of her pure silver hair.

It is said that Nor's rage knew no limits. And so, from the lock of her hair, he created a most hideous monster.

Strong like ten titans and nearly invulnerable to physical attacks, because he was protected by moonsilver armour wrought by Nor himself.

That is the Nal'Drommar.

Legend tells that it wreaked havoc in the city of the Shapers until Nor finally withdrew his creature, on behalf of his fellow Guardians.

While exploring the Citadel, the Elder and his party will came across the Nal'Drommar enclosed inside a ruin in the middle of the ancient city, but they leave him alone as it's not worth to try to fight the monster.


The Nal'Drommar is not supposed to be killed by the Elder and his party, reason why it's location is out of reach. But with ranged or magic attacks, it can actually be killed although there is nothing to gain by doing so.


Look out! There's a huge demon over there. ⇢ Caine

He's wearing moonsilver-armour. ⇢ The Elder

The Nal'Drommar! ⇢ Craig Un'Shallach

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