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_Characters (Dream Games)/DotP/Dracon Shur Tal'in_

Dracon Shur Tal'in

Hokan's Dream Game
The events of this game are not part of the canon story and timeline of the SpellForce universe.

Dracon Shur Tal'in


Dracon Shur Tal'in is one of the four Pact faction leaders in the Citadel when the Elder is sent there by Ereon in search of clues to defeat Zazhut.

He is also part of the achievement Silly walk.

Born on the Sinistrim Caste, he was one of their best sword fighters so when Nightsong decided to rebuild the Dracon caste after it was wiped out in Shadow Wars, he was a logical choice to be recruited as one of the new Dracons.

Later, he was sent to the Citadel as part of an archaeological expedition to search for some ancient texts from the time of the Shapers. He was the leader of the Dracon Caste and they set camp on South West Quarter where the Elder found them.


During the visit of the Elder at the Citadel, he meet four Pact faction leaders already with base camp there. All of them refuse to join forces with him but ask for his help tricking the other leaders into helping fighting their immediate enemy... And again, until only one Caste/Faction remains in the end.

Due to that, it depends on the player's choices during the campaign on this map if Dracon Shur Tal'in is dead or if remains alive at the end of the main quest in the Citadel.


I was born Sinistrim, my Lord.

Yes. I was one of the best sword fighters still alive after the great battles of Shal. The Archon and Sinistrim only reluctantly succumbed to Nightsong's rule.

Your daughter knew that, even with the protection of the Shadow Warrior, she needed Norcaine she could trust.

One by one, the best swordsmen, the strongest knights and the darkest sorceresses became Dracon and we were once again a proud caste, equal to the Archon and Sinistrim.

I would have, and I still want to, but within seconds a great battle ensued, where everyone was fighting each other. Sinistrim against Dracon, Archon against Sinistrim. Even Archon against Archon…

We Dracon tried to prevent everyone from killing each other, but we were soon overpowered by the mob.

Unfortunately, yes. But we are Dracon! We won't give up, even against all odds.

The Archons hate the Sinistrim almost as much as we do. Maybe you could convince their leaders into helping us destroy these fools before they destroy us.

We're born within a caste. That doesn't mean we like them.

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