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SpellForce Timeline depicting major events in chronological order.

Dates Events
Dawn of Time
Aonir descends onto Eo, tames the Primal Elements and creates the countinence of this world. He plants the Seed of Life and calls his Children, the Guardians, to his side to watch over his work.
Pre 45.000 B.C
The first Primordial Beings start appearing on Eo - life begins to flourish.
~ 45.000 B.C.
The emerging of the Shapers and Dragons, the first people of Eo. While the Dragons confide themselves to Godeland, the Shapers quickly begin researching the world around them and expanding their empire.
~ 40.000 B.C.
The Allfire, the essence of all magic, is discovered by the Shapers on Xu. Blinded by its power, the Shapers begin enslaving other races. Fearful of being next, the Dragons descend from their nests in Godeland and decimate the Shapers, forcing the survivours to go into hiding. Over the next millennia, these survivors devolve into the light races of Eo. However, their lives continue in hiding as they avoid the wrath of the mighty Dragons.
Pre 1000 B.C
The Black Mirror lands on Fiara. The Shadows partially enter Eo.
~1000 B.C.
Dwarves depart the Grimwarg Mountains in search for Ore. They reach the Windwall where they stumble upon barbarian Humans living in caves. They tell them stories of the world and the Gods, and teach them craftsmanship. The Age of Swords begins.
~ 965 B.C.
Janus Malacay is born in the marshes of Muire. The Human Dragon Humters begin hunting the giant lizards.
~ 940 B.C.
The Hybernian Empire is founded by Chlerus the Blessed One and it slowly expands across Eo. The Dragons are pushed back to the shores of Godeland. As Humans establish themselves on Eo, many of the races notice the sudden shift in power.
~ 900 B.C.
Malacay creates the Shaikan by fusing his blood with the blood of a Dragon.
~ 850 B.C.
Ulm and Nor leave the Pantheon of Guardians. Ulm changes his name to Zarach and departs to the Black Jungle on Xu where he creates the dark races: Orcs, Trolls, Dark Elves and the Fial Darg. For this, he and his brother Nor are banished from Eo.
~ 750 B.C.
The Dark Races, lead by the Fial Darg, begin their campaign against the light in order to free their Renegade Gods. The War of the Six Races begins.
~ 720 B.C.
The Hybernian Empire disintegrates into the kingdoms of Nortander, the Highmark and Empyria.
~ 600 B.C.
The War of the Six Races ends with the intervention of the Guardians and the fall of the Fial Darg on the Godwall.
~ 600 - 518 B.C.
A multidude of mage uprisings, later known as the Mage Wars, appear across Eo, causing discord within many of its nations.
~ 518 B.C.
The Mage Wars end and the Circle is established in unison by all major races in order to prevent further misuse of magic.
~ 518 - 400 B.C.
The Circle discovers the Allfire in the Shaper Ruins of the Citadel on Xu. Hokan Ashir joins the ranks of the Circle
~ 400 B.C.
Events of Conquest of Eo (Placeholder).
~ 50 B.C.
Due to internal disagreements, the Circle disbands and its former members engage in combat. The Convocation Wars begin.
~ 0 B.C.
As Aonir's Eye is clouded by the Dark Roamer, the Mages of the Circle attempt summoning the Primal Elements. Unable to control them, the Elements shatter Eo to pieces, killing most of the Circle Mages in the process.
~ 0 - 8 A.C.
Rohen Tahir reconnects Eo by constructing a network of Portals.
8 A.C.
Brewing trouble in Nortander turns the Northlands into a battlefield once more. Rohen summons the Phoenix Bearer.
~ 10 A.C.
A Fial Darg abducts the elven queen Cenwen from Aryn's side. The Shadow Warrior is summoned in Mirraw Thur to assist old friends in a time of need.
~ 14 A.C.
A resurrected Hokan Ashir lures Ereon, the god of whisdom, into the Bone Temple. He uses his life-essence to revive the former Circle Mages as his loyal servants.
15 A.C.
The Phoenix Bearer and Shadow Warrior band together and foil Hokan's plans by setting free the Phoenix.
~ 15 - 18 A.C.
A Rune Warrior known as the Messenger assists Toth Lar in resurrecting his father Nazshar. Nazshar opens a gateway for the Shadows to freely enter Eo, but his life is cut short by Nightsong soon thereafter.
~ 19 A.C.
The Shadows enter a pact with the Dark Elves through Sorvina and Toth Lar - the Pact is forged. The Dracon Craig Un'Shallach is killed in combat as his daughter, Nightsong, delivers a warning to the races of the light.
~ 24 A.C.
Rohen's Portal network begins to lose its power. The Shaikan make contact with the elder Dragons on Godeland as Allfire infused beings rise to power once more.