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SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm - Memories of Eo

The Memories of Eo - Item Locations
♖ Winterlight Peak
1 Gemstone.png Gemstone

A toy for children.

Dropped by Braga, at end of a side path on the East Winterlight Peak: Braga
2 Harp from Tirganach.png Harp from Tirganach

Cold as ice.

Chest in the small cove West from the Portal to Alluvyan...
 where later, the Ether Journey Spell will appear
Winterlight Peak: Ether Journey Spell
♖ Alluvyan
3 StoriesfromLiannon.png Stories from Liannon

Early works of Darius.

South of the Village in the West, where Builder Weyland is imprisoned by a giant named Rögar. It's on a table, hidden behind a house. Alluvyan: Village in the West
4 DwarvenbrandyfromWindholme.png Dwarven Brandy from Windholme

A miracle cure against sadness, toothache and bad eyes.

Inner city, Chest against the Eastern outer wall, North from the Eastern Clan Camp Alluvyan: Eastern Clan Camp
♖ Sevenkeeps
5 OrderBroochfromGreyfell.png Order Brooch from Greyfell

In memory of: Sartarius.

Chest, South from the University, near the city moat Sevenkeeps: University
6 PaintingfromMulandir.png Painting from Mulandir

An unpopular place.

Chest near a well, West from the city garden where Idara and Hazibelah are standing around the Island's Godstone Sevenkeeps: Godstone
7 Spidertrap.png Spidertrap from Skye

A dastardly construct.

Chest at the Spider Lair, next to the Mo's grave. Sevenkeeps: Spider Lair
8 Brokenclawofpickpocketing.png Broken Claw of Pickpocketry


Chest by the fence of the Pact's Northwestern Supply train departure point. Must reach it from Hagard's old fortress and it may require to rotate the camera to find it. Sevenkeeps: Pact's Northwestern Supply
9 MistyCrystal.png Misty Crystals from Leafshade

It would take too long to count them.

Crystals at end of a side path, Northeast of the Temple District Sevenkeeps: Temple District
♖ Ghostwatch
10 Dreamwine.png Dreamwine from Empyria

Distribution: Weasel and Zanzabar.

South, Half-buried Chest at the Imperial Camp, might require to rotate camera since it may be hidden behind some pine trees Ghostwatch: Imperial Camp
11 Walkthroughbooktomastergame.png Walkthrough Book to Master Game

Some pages are missing.

Corpse near the Ancient Tower behind the White Power Source Ghostwatch: Ancient Tower
12 Boneknife.png Bone Knife

A predetermined breaking point can clearly be seen.

On top of a crate next to the tent at Agathos' camp Ghostwatch: Agathos
13 Tharshead.png Head of Thar

Someone forgot about it...

South from the Inner City Journey Stone, to the Left from the Island's Godstone Ghostwatch: Godstone
♖ The Refuge
14 Mugwastatue.png Statue of Mugwa

It seems to be hollow.

Dropped by the Devastator, inside a little garden, North of the first Dragon camp on Northwest path from your initial Shaikan base. The Refuge: Devastator
15 Crawlerfetish.png Crawler Fetish

Misterious, but probably useless.

Chest next to the spot where Wind faces the Wind of the East. The Refuge: Wind of the East
♖ The WestGuard
16 Bearwhistle.png Mauser's Bear Whistle

The whistling doesn't carry very far.

Chest, under the archway into the small backyard NorthWest from the Southwestern Attack Route Journey Stone. 3rd person view recommended! The WestGuard: Southwestern Attack Route
17 ShardofMagnetstone.png Shard of Magnetstone

It is humming.

Chest near The Blessed One of the Night, at the Fortress. The WestGuard: The Blessed One of the Night
18 Craigsbrokenblade.png Craig's Broken Blade

A gift from Amra.

Chest left by Craig, when completing the Soul of the Warrior - Truthfulness The WestGuard: Craig Un'Shallach
♖ Misty Coast
19 Rohensboots.png Rohen's Boots

The shoe laces are knotted.

Half-buried chest, behind a rock near the Second Island Journey Stone Misty Coast: Second Island
20 McWinterssurvivalManual.png McWinter's Survival Manual

Ten ways to become unpopular.

Dark half-buried chest at the end of the top path coming from the Portal to King Ulf's Palace to East
May require camera rotation to find it
Misty Coast: Shaper's Island