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SpellForce 1 Console Commands

To open the Console, either use CTRL + ^, Ctrl + ], or Ctrl + +.

It depends on where you live and got your keyboard from.

But I never got this shortcuts to work on opening the console. What worked for me was Ctrl + ´. And that made me realize that what matters to open the console is the key located below Backspace on my keyboard.

Take a look at the following image:


To open the console, it's Ctrl + whatever key is on that marked location on your keyboard.

Make sure what you enter, all commands case-sensitive.

The console remembers all entered commands, even if you end the game.

Press UP or DOWN to browse through your before entered commands.

When you can type in 1 or 0 (where x = 1 = ON and x = 0 = OFF).

Any of the commands below might damage your game. Don't use them unless you know what you're doing and even if you do know, be ready to face the consequences!

Console commands

Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Application:SetGodMode (1) Immortality
Application:GiveMeGoods (x) x units of each raw material
Application:SetNoManaUsage (1) You won't use mana for Spells
Application:FastHeroCast (1) Heroes get created fast
Application:SetBuildingFastBuildMode (1) Fast building
Application:SetFigureTechTreeMode (1) All Unit Plans available
Application:SetBuildingTechTreeMode (1) All Building Plans available
Application:AddTimer (x,y,x)
Application:StartTimer () Starts the timer
Application:Test_FigureVanish ()
Application:Log ()
UnExplored:Enable (0) The whole map is uncovered
Application:TeleportAvatar (x,y) x is your X-coordinate and the y the Y-coordinate

The points on the maps are 0 , 0 (down left corner) and 500,500 (upper right corner). 250,250 is the Middle of the map


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
AppSession:SetPauseMode (1) Pause the game.
AppSession:SetTimeMultiplier (x)


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Atmosphere:TimeLock (1) Keeps time with 0 we can turn back time
Atmosphere:SetHour (x) Adjust the time (x = 0-24)
Atmosphere:SetAngle (x) The radius of the Sun (x = 0-x, 1-177 days = (89 = zenith) to be 178-351 = night TimeLock to be!!)


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Camera:ScriptAddLookAt (x,x,x,x,x,x) x = number
Camera:ScriptAddLookAtRelative (x,x,x,x,x,x,x) x = number
Camera:ScriptAddMoveTo (x,x,x,x,x,x) x = number
Camera:ScriptAddMoveToRelative (x,x,x,x,x,x,x) x = number
Camera:ScriptAddSpline (x) Any number x =
Camera:ScriptAddDeploy (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x) x = number
Camera:ScriptReset () Deletes the Camera Scripts
Camera:ScriptStart () Starts Camera Scripts
Camera:MotionSpline_Reset ()
Camera:MotionSpline_SetBehaviour (x) x = number
Camera:MotionSpline_AddSplinePoint (x,x,x) x = number
Camera:MotionSpline_SetMovementLength (x) x = number
Camera:MotionSpline_SetCorrection (x) x = number
Camera:MotionSpline_SetSlowDown (x) x = number
Camera:ScriptSplineLookAtPosition (x,x,x) x = number
Camera:ScriptSplineLookAtApproachingModifier (x) x = number
Camera:ScriptSplineModifyCursorSpeed (x) x = number
Camera:ScriptSplineModifyCursorSpeedModifier (x) x = number
Camera:ScriptSplineLookAtNpc (x) x = number
Camera:ScriptSplineAddTargetLookAtOffset (x,x,x) x = number


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
DebugInfo:LoadConfig (x) x = Number Load the config
DebugInfo:SaveConfig (x) x = number of Save the config


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
GameControl:SetCameraMode (x) You can round off between different Cameramodi (0 = locked Freelook, 1 = Freelook (without terrain collision), 2 = normal view (Avatar), 3 = Fixlook, 4 = Freelook (with terrain Collision) in the Freelook mode you can with the Pfeitasten move freely. the height can be controlled using the zoom function)
GameControl:GetMousePosGrid (x,x) x = number

Game View

Capital letters are important.
Command Description
GameView:Mode_ShowDebugOn () Turns the World Debuger one block
GameView:Mode_ShowDebugOff () The World Turns debug block
GameView:Mode_DrawElementOff (x) Schalttet a specific map object. 1 = 2 = Oceanb all objects around the terrain 3 = Sky


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
GdsMain:Dump ()
GdsMain:DumpQuestBook ()
GdsMain:WatchNpc (x) x = number
GdsMain:UnwatchNpc (x) x = number
GdsMain:WatchVar (x,x) x = number
GdsMain:UnwatchVar (x,x) x = number
GdsMain:SetVariableInt (x,x,x) x = number
GdsMain:SetQuestState (x,x) x = number


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Illumination:Brightness (x) x = 0-4, the brightness of the objects is hereby adjusted


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
ObjectLibrary:AddNewEquipment (x) or (x, x)
ObjectLibrary:CreateNewFigure (x,x)
ObjectLibrary:CreateNewEffect (<name>) Name one effect (no clue)
ObjectLibrary:AddNewMonument (x)
ObjectLibrary:GetObject (<name>)
ObjectLibrary:CreateNewObject (y) y = valid object category
ObjectLibrary:GetBlendingLibrary ()


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Ocean:SetFog (1,1) With 1.1 it makes visible the sea (it is not as fog covered) as it switches off and other params are unknown.


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Render:EnableFog (1) The fog of the vision is to prevent the sea away. He is back at 0.
Render:SetFogColor (R,G,B) Here you can change the color of the fog-wide view (RGB MODEL)
Render:SetFogDensity (x,x,x,x,x)
Render:Textures (0) With 0 = No - 1 = Yes
Render:NullRender (1) All 3D objects are hidden


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Selection:GetSize ()
Selection:GetItem (x) and (x, x) and (x, x, x) = x number


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Sky:SetWind (0) Turns moving the clouds one (1) or off (0)
Sky:SetSunAngle (x) Changed the angle of the sun; Warning: Atmosphere: TimeLock are (1) must be made??.
Sky:SetBlend (x,x) Changes the sun's rays and the intensity of the light rays of the sun


Capital letters are important.
Command Description
Terrain:Mode_DetailMapsOff () Allows to set the lowest level of detail Maptextur.
Terrain:Mode_DetailMapsOn () This is for setting the highest level of detail Maptextur.
Terrain:SetMinimumResolution (x) Adjust the terrain detail (note: with a value below 100, you will see through the terrain)
Terrain:SetQuality (x) Adjusts the strength of the terrain

For x must be employing a number. Commands with a 1 in parenthesis can be reset with the value 0 in the brackets.

The command changes the time setHours only visually.

In the console standing up "Registred Objects". In almost each of these commands, you can get where you enter the object and then the command "help ()".

Recordable: Sky: Help ()


This is code to get quest reward anytime you want:

Capital letters are important.
Command Description
SetRewardFlagTrue{Name='xxx'} xxx - name of quest reward

Note: this code works if:

  1. you are at right map (example, quest's reward given by Gabar works at Greyfell only)
  2. you didn't get that reward already (you can't get it twice)

Here some names of quest rewards: