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_Characters (Dream Games)/DotP/Westguard Lich (DotP)_

Westguard Lich (DotP)

Hokan's Dream Game
The events of this game are not part of the canon story and timeline of the SpellForce universe.

The Lich is the Undead Boss sending hordes of Undead to attack Westguard at the start of the Demons of the Past events.

Although he isn't seen until later, his evil presence it's felt from the beginning when you have to defend the city from the Undead's siege around Westguard.

At some point, the Lich storms the Castle, destroys its defending Shaikan forces, and mortally wounds Tor Halicos.

The Elder is forced to run to the Castle to help in its defense and that's when they face themselves in battle for the first time, but after some fray, the Lich runs away and holes up in the Cemetery.

At this point, the Elder tends to Halicos' last breath, and prepares his army to chase the Lich down and clear the Westguard from his nefarious influence once and for all.

At the Cemetery, after the Elder's troops raze the Undead buildings to the ground, the Lich is finally defeated and it's revealed the horrific truth behind his presence in Westguard.

Turns out that he was ZazhutLiberator, the Avatar from Faith in Destiny, cursed upon his death at the Wastelands of Sorrows to become this reanimated horror, the Lich.

ZazhutLiberator's Spirit
ZazhutLiberator's Spirit


I am immortal. Bow before me and let me grant you eternal glory. ⇢ Lich

Fools! You don't think it is over? This was just the beginning! AHHHHH! ⇢ Lich

At last! ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

It seems that the Dragons were right, after all. My soul was trapped, but it didn't belong to my captor. ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

Your words still ring in my ears. Destiny cannot be changed. But did it have to be Antara's destiny too? Or Io's or Surian's? ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

Zazhut's rage was upon us like a mountain crushing a flower. Nameless kept spawning from every corner and soon our troops were gone along with our base. ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

Io, Antara and I stood our ground, but we had lost sight of Surian, Caine and Sariel. ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

The Shadow Warrior seemed to have disappeared into the Shadow Realm, for I didn't see either him or Nightsong again. ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

Then a fireball brought the walls tumbling down on us. Io was crushed and Antara badly wounded. I tried to heal her but then my whole world turned red when Zazhut himself crushed my body. ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

Antara's scream was the last thing I heard....before I awakened as this abomination. ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

I'm sorry that I failed you. ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

Because you told me to seek enlightenment in Iron Fields, and all I found was death and sorrow. ⇢ ZazhutLiberator

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