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During the days of the Hybernian Empire, there was perhaps no city on Eo to match the greatness of Ankbrand. As one of the first cities built by Humans after they descended down from the Windwall, it not only developed quickly but was also placed deep inside of Nortander's borders, which possibly lead to Chlerus the Blessed - the founder of the Empire and its first ruler - to choose it as their seat.

The last known person to rule from there was the last Queen of Nortander, Ayelith, however; time and war took their toll, and after kingship was abandoned in Nortander shortly after the Circle was established, the once-great city fell into ruin.

The area is now occupied by small human villages, orcs, and various hostile creatures.

Notable Individuals

Notable Historic Events

  • 1000-950 B.C.: Ankbrand is built by the first humans.
  • 940 B.C: Chlerus the Blessed chooses it as the capital of the Hybernian Empire.
  • 720 B.C: The Hybernian Empire falls apart, Ankbrand becomes the capital of the kingdom of Nortander.
  • 518 B.C.: The Crown successfully defends against a coup d'etat orchestrated by Isamo Tahar.
  • 500-0 B.C.:: The City falls into ruin.
  • 518 B.C.: Tahira recovers the Rune of the Phoenix Bearer from the ruins of the city on the behalf of Rohen Tahir..

Orcs settled in the ruins of the former Capital
One of the few human villages in the region